MyPoint Connector

MyPoint Connector 2.3

Remotely accesses and manages PowerPoint presentations
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2.3.1 (За да гледате всички на)
Didonai LLC.
Remotely control PowerPoint presentations via the utility for automated detection, access, and launch PowerPoint 2008 or 2011 files. It works with all devices connected to a local network and supporting the remote access software. Presentation preview is available.
MyPoint Connector изисква MyPoint PowerPoint Remote както и Zero Conifg (Бонжур) е необходим за автоматично откриване MyPoint Connector в локална мрежа. Самата бонжур не е част от инсталацията за MyPoint Connector, но тя се включи в няколко приложения на Apple, например, iTunes и Bonjour Print Services за Windows.
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